Album Title: All Your Favorite Bands
Record Label: HUB Records
Review by John Noyd
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Dawes - All Your Favorite BandsDawes - All Your Favorite Bands

With an inexhaustible capacity to turn youthful flaws into battle-scarred badges where accidental detours become fateful escapes, Dawes’ armor-plated aches strengthen in contented repentance weathered in desperate acceptance and rendered with sincerity. Roots-rock novelists integrating folk-pop’s unconditional surrender; the L.A. quartet converts struggle into muscle and hard-earned hindsight into casually melodic insight, balancing hope and drama inside metaphors and rhyme while tenderness and faith emerge from scorching solos and forlorn harmony. Sweet, deep and rumbling in complications, “Favorite,” paves universal feelings with candle-lit sympathies, patient salvation and tender melancholy, a tuneful communion fastened by compulsive compassion. Despair never sounded so eloquent or forceful and triumph never so satisfying. Feel the love when Dawes along with alt-country rabble-rouser Langhorne Slim play Madison’s Capitol Theater June 20th.

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