Ben Miller Band

Album Title: Any Way, Shape or Form
Record Label: New West Records
Review by John Noyd
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Ben Miller Band - Any Way, Shape or FormBen Miller Band - Any Way, Shape or Form

Salvaging junkyard discards to cruise through tubular Delta blues with sweet molasses passages and revved-up bluegrass grooves powered by inventive intentions, Ben Miller Band’s sideshow revival piles washtub bass, thrift-store guitars and pimped-out washboards and spoons into an unbridled hybrid whose lo-fi ride sits on sizzling acoustic traditions. Tossing raw vaudeville spunk beneath tight firestorm performances, “Shape,” bakes an infectious selection of blue-collar politics, home-sick head-trips and honky-tonk relationships into what the band fondly calls Ozark Stomp. With over ten years of road-tested excellence behind them, the Missouri country-punk trio plies hi-octane refrains to moonshine-primed good-times, leaving ample room for tender memories and active imaginations.  Finding themselves opening once again for the mighty ZZ Top, Ben Miller and friends play Madison’s Overture Center March 30th.

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