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7" Vinyl Review
Decapitado - Autowriter


Record Label: Self Released
Review by Jeff Muendel
October 2009

Decapitado members describe themselves as “chaos controlled with razor-sharp precision,” and that is quite accurate. The punk band’s instrumentation is telling as well, with singer and bassist Daniel Kubinski (once the frontman of the legendary Die Kreuzen) playing 5-string bass and guitarist Andy Skeels playing 7-string guitar. In other words, they like to play it low and dirty.

Decapitado’s new 7” vinyl release (red vinyl, to be specific, and that’s cool in and of itself) is a two-song affair with “Autowriter” on one side and “Muzzle” on the other. The songs are grinding and apocalyptic, but as the band claims, there is in some way a meticulous nature to them as well. That may, indeed, be the primary draw of the music: within the growls and guttural mayhem of overdriven amplifiers and hard-pounded drums is a certain correctness, an emotional ambush, that is altogether human.

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