Agnes Obel

Album Title: Aventine (Deluxe Edition)
Record Label: PIAS America
Review by John Noyd
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Agnes Obel - Aventine (Deluxe Edition)Agnes Obel - Aventine (Deluxe Edition)

Haunted Danish singer-songwriter’s sophomore effort; the deliciously judicious, “Aventine,” gets the deluxe treatment just in time for a fall tour that delivers Obel to the elegant Stoughton Opera House November 2nd. Padded with bonus tracks, live recordings and a remix by soothingly surreal film director David Lynch; the deluxe edition reinforces what was already a wonderfully ephemeral chemistry bonding ghostly devotion alongside delicate melodies. Compelling minimalism whose subtle urgings infiltrate weightless cadence with deep-seated feeling and strong longing, Obel’s pleasantly reticent sentiments waltz between devilish detachment and clinging intimacy as her warm coercing voice loses itself in prancing piano and impish strings. Wary, yet utterly inviting, the beautiful elusive moods, “Aventine,” conjures float with unerring grace born from spacious patience, hesitant temperance and hushed trust.

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