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  • Showdown

    Album Title: Back Breaker
    Record Label: Solid State Records
    Review by Chris Fox
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    The Showdown - Back BreakerThe Showdown - Back Breaker

    Heavy. From drumming that hits on the off beats to grinding guitar and lots of squealing harmonics, THE SHOWDOWN is just heavy with their release of “Back Breaker.” These Tennessee natives stay true to their southern metal roots and supply lots of chunk that is reminiscent of bands like DEMON HUNTER with a few added tidbits. Using unique backing vocals with the grinding guitar leading the way and a thumping double kick carrying the load, these guys manage to rip your face off and hand it back to you in pieces. The epic nature of the album is only enhanced by the subtitles of each song such as “(Achilles) The Disillusionaire” and “(Infernus) You Will Move.” The legendary names support this incredibly heavy yet understandable album. That is correct, it is heavy, but you can still understand what the singer says, creating an in-your-face sound that coincides with the epic artwork on the CD.

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