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CD Review
Gentle Brontosaurus - Bees of the Invisible

Gentle Brontosaurus

Bees of the Invisible
Record Label: self-release
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Review by John Noyd
May 2018

Cheeky geek-chic carnivals bounce around melodic lynch-pin symmetry as sprightly study-hall party-dolls packing wistful epiphanies dance through modern problems with modest jigsaw bop topped in college philosophy and soft-spoken anecdotes flashing dazzling indie-rock panache. Populated in good-natured sages frolicking with cunning wit, rosy prose and deadpan incantations, the happy-go-lucky, “Bees,” breezes through all-night sock-hops in feng shui love-shacks filling in the shadows with coy, sideway glances and wise, wide-eyed ironies. Variety spikes the politely subversive album as sweet, folk-pop doo-wop rigged in nifty guitar licks erupt between caroling harmonies; pithy shifts thick with shuffling percussion, roller-rink synths and throat-grabbing brass.  Find Gentle Brontosaurus closing out the Cottonwood Stage at the Marquette Waterfront Festival June 10th and playing one of the last Frequency shows June 20th.

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