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  • Black Water Rising

    Album Title: Black Water Rising
    Record Label: Self Released
    Review by Chris Fox
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    Black Water Rising - Black Water RisingBlack Water Rising - Black Water Rising

    Southern fried metal. Listening to the self-title album from BLACK WATER RISING really gives the feeling of the dirty south. These guys are letting it all hang out with shredding guitar solos and slinky riffs that give that Skynyrd feel. The aggressiveness of the vocals really give the album that full sound. Bluesy, distorted guitars and gritty vocals promoting unity and protesting injustices keeps this album moving. Songs like “Rise” really push the go big or go home mentality that these metal heads are promoting. A finite mixture of ZZ Top, Hellyeah, and Skynyrd makes these guys a unique southern blend of heavy metal.

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