Album Title: Brass Tacks
Record Label: Clang! Records
Review by John Noyd
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NRBQ - Brass TacksNRBQ - Brass Tacks

While Terry Adams is the only original member left in the current NRBQ line-up, “Brass Tacks,” is full of the classic NRBQ sound; a lilting devil-may-care frolic whose rib-tickling glibness and time-honored tributes to swinging roots music are just as open to Sun Ra or Rodgers and Hammerstein as they are to Buck Owens and Spike Jones. Honing their swamp-water voodoo, candy-coated mojo and feisty, carnival charms into rollicking concoctions brimming with brio, the grinning, spinning post-millennial NRBQ fuse years of playing together into a breezy, brilliant road-trip down memory lane, driving a honky-tonk jalopy gassed-up with new tires and the top down. Equal parts rockabilly thrills, country fun and bright bantering bop, “Brass,” adds a colorful chapter to NRBQ’s never-ending search for feel-good grooves.

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