Album Title: Burn The Serum
Record Label: Razor & Tie
Review by Sal Serio
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Kyng - Burn The SerumKyng - Burn The Serum

K-Y-N-G. Four letters, three dudes, and one helluva rockin’ output. Rock ‘n roll in 5th gear overdrive. Burnin’ rubber and leaving all the pop poseurs choking on road dust in their wake.

‘Burn The Serum’ is the second release by these three young So. Cal. musicians. This is definitely not trendy “nu-metal”, as their music hearkens back to more of the classic era of hard rock, except with an updated, 21st century recorded sheen. Songs like the new single “Electric Halo” remind one of the days of 100 watt Clarion cassette decks in late 70s Mustangs cranking out “Highway Star” through Pioneer tri-axial speakers.

Sometimes it’s best to not muddy up the recipe with too many tricks, and Kyng’s straightforward approach serves them well. These eleven tight, catchy, songs are distinguished by a tasty and punchy vocal delivery c/o frontman (and guitarist) Eddie Veliz, then colored by subtle harmonies from bassist Tony Castaneda. While the primary force of the musical accompaniment is the solid chordal riffing and dexterous soloing of Veliz, the strong rhythm section of Castaneda and drummer Pepe Clarke can not be denied. That solid rhythmic foundation is the terra firma that Veliz’s molten lava guitar pours over top of.

It’s pointless to try to just pick a few key tracks from this excellent new release. Every cut is outstanding in it’s own way, and there is a logical flow to the album’s sequencing that presents this material as a highly enjoyable aural experience. It makes me want to cruise up and down the main drag with this album blaring from the car stereo, while I check out the local ladies. You know… that’s not such a bad idea!

Kyng brings their latest powerhouse set of heavy music to the Majestic Theatre in Madison, Sat. April 19, with Lacuna Coil, Eve To Adam, and Cliver.

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