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  • Chaos Revolution Theory

    Album Title: Chaos Revolution Theory
    Record Label: Chaos Revolution Theory
    Review by Sal Serio
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    Chaos Revolution Theory - Chaos Revolution TheoryChaos Revolution Theory - Chaos Revolution Theory

    Madison-based original rock band Chaos Revolution Theory are busy guys. This latest CD, their 6th release overall, is a double disc 14 song offering that even has two different versions of the cover artwork! CRT actually has their next album already in the can, having recently recorded it in Austin, TX. This current self-titled double album was recorded split between Austin, and Madison’s Acme Studios, engineered here by Tim Consequence. The recording and mixing is crystalline, bringing these performances to life.

    Guitarist and vocalist Nick Stanecki writes CRT’s songs. The lyrical content is like everyman’s ruminations. Thoughts filled with wanderlust and acknowledgment of the day-to-day things many might not take the time to appreciate: topics such as travel, food, nature, and relationships. Musically, it’s a stripped-down hard rock approach with touches of blues, country, reggae, and Latin music, accentuated by pulsating drum / percussion crescendos and explosive lead guitar solos. Musical cameos are provided by Bryan Moll of Subatomic (guitar), and Adam Ziertan of Mojo Radio (harmonica).

    My constructive criticism for CRT is in the vocal department. I’d encourage the guys to consider adding a vocalist, although I “get it” when the songwriter wants to sing his own compositions. However, Stanecki’s vocal range is limited, which gives the songs a “samey” sort of feel. A dedicated singer could potentially offer the songs a distinct personality and take this music in to more memorable territory. Still, a fine release, overall.

    Recommended tracks: “Trip I’m On”, “Hub City”, “La Hacienda”, and “Aztec”.

    The “Chaos Revolution Theory” CD release party is Friday, July 6 at Mr. Roberts Bar in Madison, with special guest The Rotten Tommys.

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