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  • Anna Fox Rochinski

    Album Title: Cherry
    Record Label: Don Giovanni Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    Anna Fox Rochinski - CherryAnna Fox Rochinski - Cherry

    Tomorrow-pop propped in slinky riffs, sexy beats and savvy caveats, Rochinski coolly mixes the smooth and jagged in joyful proportions. Zany chicanery punctuates the lush production with casual sass as the strangely tangy, “Cherry,” maneuvers around obvious options into tasty aberrations; empowered beliefs stalking sensual relief between cyber-siren torch-songs and sneaky poly-rhythmic taunts. The multi-talented Quilt singer-songwriter shines in solid-state autonomy, conducting adventurous experiments framed in conventional templates, updated and refurbished with chrome-plated harmonies, spiced multi-track splices and enticing dynamics. Her mischievous glee laced among synchronized kinks provides sly desires fired in space-age bop, premeditated cravings igniting wicked initiatives. Punch-drunk hungers tucked under sultry covers, Rochinski is in her element, surrounded by studio accoutrements and her dazzling imagination, speaking her mind and unleashing her heart.

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