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CD Review
Atomkraft - Cold Sweat


Cold Sweat
Record Label: Sanctuary Records
Review by Aaron Manogue
September 2011

The thrash metal EP Cold Sweat by Atomkraft is filled with shredding guitar work and dark lyrics. If you’re a fan of hellacious solos and extremely impressive guitar work, this is the EP for you. If you’re a thrash metal fan, the song “Dead Again” will be your favorite by far.  It’s a one minute and thirty-nine second concussion of lightning fast guitar guided by the furious beats of the drummer, accompanied by the bellowed growls of the vocalist. One thing I really like about it is that unlike other thrash metal vocals, is that you can understand them! This doesn’t mean they are weak by any means, because the vocalist still kicks your ass. If this song doesn’t make you want to kick some ass in a mosh pit, check your pulse. 

There is a dark and ominous feeling in the song “The Darkening” when from behind the screaming guitars and bellowing drums comes excerpts from some jerk from Germany spewing a speech out; you guessed it, I’m pretty sure that’s Hitler and Goebles regurgitating some blasphemy from the Nuremberg Rally; Triumph of the Will. Obviously I don’t condone anything that lunatic did, but artistically the sound of his voice fits perfectly in the record and sets the scene for the song and rest of the album. It really sets a pitch black feel to the song which fits perfectly for the type of slaying the EP is doing. Soon after, the next song “Gripped” opens with the laughter of a small female child and smooth guitar work is quickly accompanied by monstrous electric work. This song is my favorite on the album by far because of its arrangement and the way it builds upon itself as it moves on. The main riff of the song is simple but one of those riffs that you’ll be humming to yourself and trying to replicate on your own guitar for a few days after you hear it.

Overall, the six track EP is exactly what I’d expect from this type of metal, except add a ton of talent.  Most thrash metal bands beat the shit out of their instruments like they’re beating up some buster that stole their lunch money. Not Atomkraft. These guys are talented musicians who happen to play faster and harder than most talented musicians do. Check it out and give it a try, because at first I wasn’t sure either. But after listening I’m glad I did, because I have a newfound appreciation for the genre, and tons of respect for Atomkraft.

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