Field Music

Album Title: Commontime
Record Label: Memphis industries
Review by John Noyd
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Field Music - CommontimeField Music - Commontime

Layering sharp harmonic angles onto catapulted backbeats and chiffon-spawned symphonics, Britain’s funky wizards of precision cruise through air-tight flights guided by consummate falsettos swooping down on breathless connections for a romantic panic padded in fractured ballads and hip-swiveling talent. Dancing to glam-rock stalkers clocking prog-pop rockets, Field Music’s tangled tango of sleek, chic soul-trains built by hyper-punctual felines cranks out posh wind-up circus acts from daredevil diplomats practicing haughty clown-car choreography from poised high-wire pile-drivers. Injecting geometric soul into jigsaw juggernauts, deviously creamy sequences tread fine lines between splendid eloquence and whiplashed catchiness as the duo’s fifth full-length, “Commontime,” chimes in with foxy needles and pins whimsy balancing immaculate elastic abstractions beneath cheeky clich├ęs stoning roaming metronomes with wicked glibness, tart smarts and crisp wit.

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