Album Title: Complete Strangers
Record Label: Easy Sound
Review by John Noyd
(1929) Page Views

Vetiver - Complete StrangersVetiver - Complete Strangers

Cautiously posturing open secrets inside familiar half-truths as an undulating ebb and flow escorts lilting seaside bossa novas down acrobatic paths filled with dreamy schemes placid as naps, “Complete Strangers,” is very much like its title; timid yet curious. Vetiver’s brainchild, singer-songwriter Andy Cabic collaborates with long-time producer Thom Monahan to compile a kindly catalog of tight-rope walks between unconditional love and misplaced trust, searching for rose-colored closure among startling departures and tuneful reunions. Buoyed by soft melodic conscience and fleeting intrigues Vetiver’s latest mid-tempo mazes consistently work opposing notions towards a collective tension that never loses its balance, seeking common ground around life’s dueling pursuits while underlying fires heat percolating surfaces in folksy quotes within twinkling synths. Vetiver play Madison’s The Frequency May 7th.

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