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  • Too Pure To Die

    Album Title: Confess
    Record Label: Trustkill Records
    Review by Chris Fox
    (2037) Page Views

    Too Pure To Die - ConfessToo Pure To Die - Confess

    Thick southern grooves with heavy fast rhythms and one hell of a growl carrying it all through, Iowa manages to deliver another powerful force to the heavy metal world.  With their title track “Confess,” TOO PURE TO DIE pushes heavy verses and catchy choruses around a forcefully distorted core that makes this album hit you square in the chest.  Percussive guitars in songs like “Saving Grace” with harmonic experimentation, like LAMB OF GOD, create a unique sound that you won’t soon forget.  A sound that is incredibly tight and heavy without forgetting the almighty riff, allowing the roaring vocals to carry you through the escapade that is a true melding of heavy metal genres. There is no denying that these guys are going to hit the culture hard, and they plan to take no prisoners.

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