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  • Testament

    Album Title: Demonic
    Record Label: Prosthetic
    Review by Kimberly E. McDaniel
    (1969) Page Views

    Testament - DemonicTestament - Demonic

    Testament is undoubtedly one of metal’s hardest working acts, releasing both “Demonic” and “The Gathering” in 2007 alone. The sheer output of this band is quite impressive, and for those who like the super-heavy, crunchy guitar sound and a growling vocal styling, “Demonic” is sure to be a hit.

    The first track, “Demonic Refusal,” builds to a wailing frenzy, with guitarist Eric Peterson wrenching sounds from the instrument, which seems slightly tortured.  Drummer Gene Hoglan and bassist Derrick Ramirez keep up with this crazy pace throughout the album. Vocalist Chuck Billy growls menacingly from song to song; with the one exception being “Hatreds Rise,” where he does actually sing a little.

    Truthfully, I am not the biggest fan of this sort of metal. However, I did quite like “Hatreds Rise” and there is some fairly impressive guitar work present throughout the entirety of “Demonic.”  Certainly any Testament fan already owns this. Since it seems fairly representative of their work and sound, if you are curious pick up a copy of this and get “Demonic.”

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