Album Title: Desperate Times Best Forgotten
Record Label: The Word of Mouth Project
Review by John Noyd
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Albatross - Desperate Times Best ForgottenAlbatross - Desperate Times Best Forgotten

Embroidered stories washed in the polished hospitality and modest apologies of cantering country, waltzing folk and soothing bluegrass cruising through electric blues and crackling jazz, Albatross’ restless melancholy unfold soulful emotions living in the hopeful crossroads between gentle lullabies, sad good-byes and friendly salutations. Three years in the making, “Desperate,” presents a stirring merciful journey ripe in life’s highs and lows casually rolled into intricate strolls outstretched in reflective contrapuntal contemplations. An Englishman who relocated to Nashville, Albatross appears to have made side trips to Memphis and the Appalachia to create a pleasant sentimental chemistry where nothing is out of place and no compatible musical idea is unwelcome. Intriguing scenery carved from road-tested hearts, “Desperate,” dresses its thoughtful messages in skilled thrills and sturdy courtesies.

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