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CD Review
Dethklok - Dethalbum II


Dethalbum II
Record Label: Turner Music Publishing
Review by Chris Fox
October 2009

DETHKLOK is everything that metal should be. Loud, fast and larger than life. Epic song titles like “Bloodlines” and “The Gears” really say it all for this animated quintet. This album is the sophomore production for Brendon Small and Gene Hoglan and they have been able to deliver. With season three of Metalocalypse, the animated series following Dethklok, on the horizon, this album makes the mouths of many serious and satirical metal fans water. The music is heavy and brutal, but the guitar work melding almost seamlessly with the percussion is what makes this music so good. Tight, bottom heavy, and simply epic. Fans of heavy music of all genres, whether they enjoy the cartoon or not, will thoroughly enjoy this overpowering monster of an album.

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