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  • London May

    Album Title: Devilution: The Early Years
    Record Label: Cleopatra Records
    Review by Sal Serio
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    London May - Devilution: The Early YearsLondon May - Devilution: The Early Years

    One of the most unusual but highly intriguing releases of 2016 is the London May ‘Devilution: The Early Years’ compilation (CD pressing limited to 1,000 copies). May is a punk rock drummer and actor who began in Baltimore thrashing out the beat for bands like Rat Patrol and Reptile House, which led to work with Washington D.C. punk icons Dag Nasty. Eventually the road led May west to California and gigs with some of punk’s biggest names like Samhain and the Circle Jerks.

    Quite a few of these tracks are unreleased, including the selections by the Circle Jerks (live rehearsal of “Wonderful”), Samhain (live), and two Dag Nasty songs. Also included are several songs seeing the first light of day in a digital format. Especially cool is the inclusion of the song “Nuthin” by Lunch Box, which is the only release by this legendary punk band that later included guitarist Ron Emory of T.S.O.L.

    Most of my favorite selections from this excellent high-energy compilation are from the more obscure bands like Voice Of Doom, Dead White & Blue, DogPile, and Distorted Pony. There is a commonality running through these 15 songs (by 11 different groups) which of course is London May’s rock steady drum pulse, but also a raunch ‘n roll catchy punk attitude that is easy to swallow, reminiscent of some of the most tuneful punker groups like CH3, T.S.O.L., and Social Distortion.

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