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CD Review
Freelance Whales - Diluvia

Freelance Whales

Record Label: Frenchkiss
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Review by John Noyd
September 2012

A sophomore discourse birthed while non-stop touring promoting their debut, “Diluvia,” is a happily agitated effort orbiting multi-layered contortions of twittering electronics, waltzing harmonics and percussive shuffles. Lyrical alt-rock lullabies fire a mythical sci-fi tale depicting flickering voyagers blissfully drifting into reflective trajectories, purring journeymen seeking peace-keeping equilibrium through calming cadence imbedded in sumptuous comforts. Embroiled chorals guiding tentative sentiments, the Queens-based quintet’s heartbeat-metered breezes blow through joyful noises, gurgling uncertainties and languid plaintive mayhem.. Floating in hopeful limbo, somersaulting through mile-high calliopes and swimming in traipsing relay races wrapped in upbeat dream-pop glazes, ” Diluvia,” flows in radiant cascades of unobtrusive acoustics and soft-spoken cajoling, trippy contrapuntal tunnels caging syncopated dangers.. FW plays Madison’s Redamte Coffee House October 6th along with soulful cybertronic rockers Geographer.

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