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CD Review
CANT - Dreams Come True


Dreams Come True
Record Label: Terrible Records
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Review by John Noyd
September 2011

As the producer for recent ventures from The Dirty Projectors and The Morning Benders and as producer, bass-player and back-up singer for Grizzly Bear, Chris Taylor has often found himself behind the scenes. While, “Dreams,” is Chris’ solo debut he continues to hide, camouflaged beneath steamy sheets of synthetic chords, lost and searching through soulfully programmed catacombs. Collaborating with Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., the self-avowed Joy Division fan constructs unfinished labyrinths of pong-conjugated mayhem; rave techno-jungle nesting dolls where fidgety funk sits inside maverick contraptions inside fat gooey grooves laid over lovelorn lyrics. Frail acoustics softened by foggy voices occasionally overtake Taylor’s manufactured packages, relieving the seizures as weird gears fit into slippery mysteries, dark flanged glamour creeping in hiss, spit, stretch and sparkle.

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