Album Title: Drug for the Modern Age
Record Label: ATO Records
Review by John Noyd
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Kopecky - Drug for the Modern AgeKopecky - Drug for the Modern Age

Pumped in prompt romps from hip-swiveling singers and gallant ballads ushered in subtle percussion, Kopecky’s jump-started hearts immersed in cocktail pop feathers its nest in restlessly electric quests. Motoring through romantic stand-offs, flirty curtain calls and edgy pledges, bristling riffs woven inside harmonic gifts lift “Drug,” from love’s tender surrender to passion’s vigorous rhythms as the versatile Nashville six-piece treats tired ears to vital dance-friendly geysers and frothy Jacuzzi exuberance to blow away any thoughts of sophomore slumps. Bright, sweeping grievances flushed in abrupt poly-rock sequences keep things dynamic as the band funnels their live performance energies into coy, poised recordings whose catchy clich├ęs and refreshing messages infect both head and feet with spring-loaded odes to dynamic abandon and slinky submissions dressed in fetching confessions.

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