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Eli Lieb - Eli Lieb

Eli Lieb

Eli Lieb
Record Label: Eli Lieb
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Review by Emily Genco
October 2011

Eli Lieb’s debut album succeeds where many fail. It allows the listener to assume an alternate persona – that of an everyday soldier. Lieb’s music helps audiences experience the quiet solemnity that accompanies coming to terms with life’s daily battles.

Lieb released his self-titled and self-produced album on October 25. On it he explores a variety of topics including desire, invisibility, disconnection and betrayal rendering it a highly accessible work for listeners. Lieb’s work straddles the intersection between orchestral instrumentation, club beats and pop vocals. Some tracks feature extended instrumentation. On “Red”, vocals are introduced 20 seconds into the song.

Fans of the pop genre will note many vocal similarities between Lieb and Isaac Slade, lead vocalist for The Fray. Though Lieb’s vocal style places him squarely in the pop genre, the incorporation of string sections on several tracks adds complexity to the music.

The depth of emotion on Eli Lieb is undeniable. Tracks like “Tight Rope” well with sadness and sincerity and represents a great success for Lieb. On it he strips away all club influences and lets soft piano lines, violin crescendos and the purity of his voice speak without any electronic distortion.

Tracks like “Tidal Wave” demonstrate a more pervasive electronic lean. “Undone” features autotune techniques similar to Bon Iver’s “Woods.”

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