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CD Review
My Fair Share - Encounter

My Fair Share

Record Label: Blood Union Records
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Review by Sal Serio
August 2011

One of Madison’s newest purveyors of metal mayhem, My Fair Share is a juggernaut of head banging fury. Hans Koyen summons his ominous vocal-bark from somewhere dank, deep, and dark within him. Fortuitously, there’s some fun and sarcasm sprinkled throughout this 5-song mini-album, so the listener doesn’t get overwhelmed by a brooding cloud of doom. Glimpses of life in the pit, on the stage, and at the bar are all represented in the throbbing, campy, rocker “The Show”.

Finale “Society’s Punishment” adds legitimacy to it’s solid street cred (initially included on MFS’s debut demo), which is more than appropriate. This song has enough accessibility and potential that it should definitely be pushed as a single. Bass player Erik Wykd’s lyrics are intense but insightful, and helping the radio cause is the fact that all of MFS’s recorded lyrical content is profanity-free.

As lead guitarist and primary musical composer, Sawyer Hildebrandt shines throughout the “Encounter” CD.  Sawyer consistently lays down brick-load heavy riffage, and his leads are both tasty and tasteful, helping to define a young hungry talent that is quickly becoming known in the local/regional metal market. Indeed, My Fair Share as a band, as blood brothers, as a concept, is a serious force to be reckoned with. Not to be trifled with, nor tread upon!

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