Album Title: End Of The Drive
Record Label: The Drain
Review by Sal Serio
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The Drain - End Of The DriveThe Drain - End Of The Drive

Uh-oh. The Drain. Here we go again! They still have that same late 70s/early 80s “Cure-meets-Buzzcocks-meets-Devo on the scruffy dance floor of a sweaty English pub” kind of attitude. Which is kind of rare in this day and age. I feel like I should be Dave Kendall or Kurt Loder writing this review! And, I want my mullet-mohawk back. Dammit.

Okay, sort of kidding, but sort of not. Considering how much fun we had pogoing and skanking around to the music of that era, I’m right bloody happy to hear it resurface in a shiny oxycleaned fresh-faced way. “Yes Mom, those ARE my friends, and I’m going out with them tonight, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it !!”

Remember the SNL where Richard Nixon (Dan Aykroyd) came up with his comeback slogan, “The New Dick – it’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s what everyone wants to see”!? Well, that’s this new Drain CD! Seriously! It’s the new dick. It’s short (8 songs, 29:07 TT), it’s sweet (every song a winner, and a lush wonderland of audio awesomeness thanks to Mark Whitcomb & DNA Music Labs), and I am here to tell you… to educate you, if you will… that this most assuredly is what everybody wants to see (and hear). C’mon! Let’s do “The Drain”, it’s the dance sensation that’s draining the nation!

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