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CD Review
Chad Valley - Entirely New Blue

Chad Valley

Entirely New Blue
Record Label: Cascine
Artist's Facebook
Review by John Noyd
September 2015

Futuristic bliss finds transistorized sighs, rerouted pouts and earworm yearning via hard-wired church choirs dancing to spray-tan jams from auto-tuned angels; the rainbow-colored, “Blue,” cruises and smooches, a svelte conveyor-belt streaming seamless bleeps and skipping blips beneath carousel-dwelling melodies trounced with pastel-melted bounce. A rallying gala, Chad Valley’s deep-shag lover’s gallery whips carefree sequined sequences dolled-up in push-button lust into seductive fluff stuffed into solid-state heartache. Elevating boudoir shamanism from vacuum-sealed appeals to sublime micro-designed assignments, Jonquil’s Hugo Manuel captures the fantastic by turning his canyon-spanning voice into a syncopated pastry for sour-grape banquets, feasting easily with leisurely weightless grace, skating over shiny space-age templates and bubble-pumping first-dates. The cyber-piloted dreamboat plays Madison’s The Frequency October 4th with special guests Stranger Cat and Midas Bison.

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