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CD Review
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

Portugal. The Man

Evil Friends
Record Label: Atlantic
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Review by John Noyd
June 2013

Always willing to go wherever their creative muse leads, P.TM’s seventh release refines the band’s endless pursuit to combine conflicting whims within opposing forces. Tight-rope walkers perched between introspective reflection and extroverted actions, their trademark psychedelic folk-rock blues gets molded with more focus under Danger Mouse’s sterling production but loses none of its enthusiastic compassion, earnest confusion or uncompromising fire. Outcasts and pariahs take center stage in the sinister symphonic sing-alongs and sizzling sympathetic monologues as, “Evil,” delivers angry hooks, wild jams and glorious choruses in what should be a mine-field of over-blown bravado and artsy anarchy but instead is a devilishly edgy treasure of finely-tuned grooves and full-throttled polish. An explosive live act, P.TM visits Milwaukee’s Pabst June 21st along with the spectacular Guards.

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