Felice Brothers

Album Title: Favorite Waitress
Record Label: Dualtone
Review by John Noyd
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The Felice Brothers - Favorite WaitressThe Felice Brothers - Favorite Waitress

Three years since releasing the dark, synth-riddled, “Celebration, Florida,” the upstate New York upstarts’, “Favorite Waitress,” is a concerted return to a stripped-down sound with dreams of creating a solid, road-ready album. An unqualified success, the tousled bar-room prophets dispense condensed vehemence in chummy rumbles, gypsy whimsy and sweaty roots-rock truths oozing in loose, bruised blues wrapped around rustic truck-stop hustles. Housed in rousing shadow-boxing moxie, “Waitress,” serves up punch-drunk crunch inside slap-happy tapestries; galloping rallies capturing every tilted windmill and wilting millstone. Schooled in the art of New York City busking, the Felice Brothers’ live shows harbor sharp lyrics, sly writing and legendary energy. Catch the touring warriors when they play Madison’s High Noon Saloon June 27th along with sizzling six-string singer-songwriter Robert Ellis.

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