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CD Review
Possessed by Paul James - Feed The Family

Possessed by Paul James

Feed The Family
Record Label: Hillgrass Bluebilly Records
Review by Kaleb Bronson
December 2010

Absorbing the true musical spirit of his father and grandfather, Konrad Wert transforms himself into Possessed by Paul James and does so with a fine-tuned form on his newest album release “Feed the Family,” a more polished yet creatively raw album of realism

Seeing Possessed by Paul James live is one feat that is unbeatable, his transformation from a genuinely kind-hearted and caring man into the maniacally controlled and beast-like man of musical charm is out of this planetary realm. His sound is like no other, mixing instrument switches continuously and fluctuating his style through a gamut of skill sets and mini-freak-outs. “Feed the Family” is Possessed by Paul James’ most crisp album yet, like the first nibble of a fresh fall apple, or a drive through the thick morning fog. Each track leaps bounds through the mental corridor with a mixture of instruments and lyrical content letting the listener hear bluegrass, punk, country blues and pure musical soul.

Think of Jiminy Cricket meeting Johnny Cash while dining at Charley Patton’s house on All Hollow’s Eve before dancing in the streets to the music of Robert Johnson; this is what Wert has to offer within every track he writes and performs. It’s a true amalgamation of emotion, spirit and spark. On the album’s title track “Feed the Family” Wert lifts his heart into the air to express the importance of ancestry; a refreshing jaunt into his soul, which then calms as he enters “When it Breaks.” This track shows the importance to always continue no matter the scattered bone trail offers you. “Go ahead all and crucify the only innocent man, go ahead and justify all of the hate you have, all of the hate you can,” Wert bellows with elegance.

Each track has the depth of the ocean floor yet the emotional capability to grasp the sounds like a floating lily pad. “Oh the Rhythm” enters a journey into Wert’s inner sanctum, the listener can absorb his emotion beyond a song, the song becomes an experience; a calming tool for the heart and a soothing ring to the ear, “Oh the Rhythm” has politics and love all in one. As any man grows old in any form, the body ages right along side, whether humans like it or not. Possessed by Paul James explains this transformation on the track “Older in my Body,” where he sings, “I’m much older in my body than my heart.” The lyric is simple but everyone can resonate with the beautiful agony.

One of Paul James’ most glorious songs live he takes to this record, “Take Off Your Mask.” This song and record is filled with questions about oneself; life, love, religion, family and so many more, all for the listener to choose from.

So many tracks are combined into this album of wonderful wisdom, which come to an end at “Color of my Bloody Nose.” A beautifully harmonious track of love splattered with torment; a superb ending to a labyrinth of an album.

The movement of “Feed the Family” flows like a Montana stream. Possessed by Paul James may not be headlining at the Coliseum, nor would his fans want him to, his charm, poise and skill will last as long as people notice that he is a true ‘roots’ gem in the rough.

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