Album Title: Fucked Up
Record Label: It's Alive Records
Review by Brian McKay
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The Transgressions - Fucked UpThe Transgressions - Fucked Up

The new Transgressions album, Fucked Up, is a great coming of age pop punk record.  Channeling The Ramones with short and sweet songs that will hook you after a single listen of the album.  It takes a more positive outlook with songs where the loser gets the girl but compliments and contrasts with themes of just wanting to get high and leave everything behind.  Each song catches the listener immediately with Ben’s sneering vocal hooks.  This record definitely shows growth not just in songwriting, but in life.  It shows how punks of a generation removed have become disillusioned yet somehow regain a sense of positivity.  Most songs clock within the 1 to 2 minute range and are just the short burst of energy we’ve come to expect from The Transgressions.  “Holey Fuck” is a catchy anthem about worn out clothes and the apathy that it comes with.  “You’re the One” is the quintessential pop punk love song, combining a love for The Ramones with a love for opiates into a perfect match in this catchy tune.  “Fucked Up” tells the tale of punk rock growing up but not giving up.

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