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  • Greta Van Fleet

    Album Title: Greta Van Fleet’s Black Smoke Rising
    Record Label: Lava Music/Republic Records
    Review by Tommy Rage
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    Greta Van Fleet - Greta Van Fleet’s  Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet - Greta Van Fleet’s Black Smoke Rising

    The Hammer Gods have parted the sky to reveal the second coming.  Dramatic? Perhaps. Yet, one listen to Greta Van Fleet will, in every way possible, remind you that classic rock is alive and well. The similarities to such bands as Led Zeppelin and Heart is undeniable.  The release of the first studio EP Black Smoke Rising and the single “Highway Tune” makes you check your iPod twice to make sure that you have, indeed, found a band from Frankenmuth, Michigan. 

    “Safari Song” brings Josh Kiszka (vocals) to the front of the classic rock sound with Jake Kiszka (lead guitar) laying down a gritty riff.  “Flower Power” echoes this nostalgic rock sound with Sam Kiszka (bass) and Danny Wagner (drums) paving the way with a Moog synthesizer bed which will keep you entranced.  The four song EP, produced by Al Sutton (Kid Rock & Hank Williams Jr) never loses sight of who they are; and where their influences come from.  The young bothers: Josh, Sam and Jake Kiszka along with childhood friend Danny Wagner have only one release from Lava Music, available through iTunes & www.gretavanfleet.com, yet it’s safe to say that these young rockers were raised by parents who had record players stacked with British Invasion bands.  The title track “Black Smoke Rising”, and last song on the EP, infuses harmonies with blues and a psychedelic mix to showcase sample jams by each band member. This foursome is on their way to ensuring that classic rock blended with new rock will never die. I’m not cheating on you Robert and Jimmy, I’m just in love with a great new rock band.  Dramatic? Yes, but Greta Van Fleet are that good. 

    Greta Van Fleet plays Shake The Lake Saturday June 24th at 5:45 on the Isthmus West Stage

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