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CD Review
Ross The Boss - Hailstorm

Ross The Boss

Record Label: AFM Records
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Review by Sal Serio
December 2010

Anyone familiar with Manowar, The Dictators, or Brain Surgeons NYC knows of guitar shredder Ross Friedman, although probably by his stage name Ross The Boss. Friedman has a new CD titled “Hailstorm”, but fans of early Iron Maiden may appreciate this release more than Ross’ original fans.

As the medieval cover artwork suggests, “Hailstorm” is heavy metal through and through.. Vocalist Patrick Fuchs has a snarling guttural delivery not unlike Paul DiAnno,  and the twin lead guitar attack on songs like “Dead Man’s Curve” seals the Iron-Maiden-comparison deal.

Ross’ work deserves a better format though. His leads are crisp and precise, meaty, yet humbly sincere, as evidenced on the instrumental “Great Gods Glorious”. He’s better than having to resort to typical cliché heavy metal riffing, so why is he fronting such a generic band? I’d welcome signs of the Dictators’ sense of humor, because “Hailstorm” already almost comes off as Spinal Tap.

Admittedly, there are some moments of seemingly commercial radio potential, like on the Judas Priest/KISS clone “Shining Path”, but Fuchs’ voice pretty much puts the kibosh on any real mass accessibility.  While I’d rather see Friedman pursuing the next Dictators reunion, it’s understandable why he may be seeking a bigger pay off.

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