Heart-Set Self-Destruct

Album Title: Bridges To Burn
Record Label: self-released
Review by Sal Serio
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Heart-Set Self-Destruct - Bridges To BurnHeart-Set Self-Destruct - Bridges To Burn

Ready, set… self destruct! These aggressive hard rockers come out of the gate red-hot blazing on their new six song mini album. Based out of Chicago, the quartet of Heart-Set Self-Destruct are taking no prisoners, and leaving nothing but rubble in their wake. In less colorful lingo, I mean to say that this CD is the real deal, and sears the ears from start to finish.

Which is not to say this is super heavy pound-your-brain-into-pulp music. While it definitely is brutal at times, there’s a solid pop sensibility in the core of their catchy yet doom-grooved compositions. Comparisons to Tool and Chevelle are inevitable, and for an up-and-coming band, there’s certainly worse associations that could be made.

I’m drawn mostly to the tempo of these tunes, which are unrelenting in their driving power. The strength of lead singer Dave’s vocal delivery, which shows many different manifestations and moods, is always ripe with intrigue, captivating and holding the listener’s attention.

This disc is a good argument for more bands to release shorter CDs earlier in their career. There’s something to be said for a quick introduction, a major ass kicking, and then leaving ‘em wanting more. I’m sold.

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