Album Title: Heavy Blues
Record Label: Linus Entertainment
Review by Sal Serio
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Bachman - Heavy BluesBachman - Heavy Blues

The opening words sung by Randy Bachman on his new CD are, “Goodbye mama, I ain’t comin’ home. There’s a big world out there. I know it ain’t alone. Leave behind the knowledge. I gotta chase a dream… I wanna be somebody and I gotta be me. My latest address is that I’m living on the edge, there’s where you’ll find me.”

That sentiment sets the tone for the entire ‘Heavy Blues’ release. Bachman slashes and burns his way through these 11 tracks like a man possessed. The sound of his guitar is like a machete, and the muscle of the delivery is bludgeoning. This is not retro! These are contemporary bluesy hard rock scorchers that illustrate Bachman’s resolve to keep his music vibrant and relevant in today’s musical landscape. His two accomplices, drummer Dale Ann Brendon and bassist Anna Ruddick, nail these songs against the wall with a heavy, heady, G-force.

Throughout this release, the icing on the cake comes in the form of guest soloists that provide their own individual personalities to certain performances. On the ‘Heavy Blues’ VIP list are Scott Holiday from Rivals Sons, Peter Frampton, Neil Young, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph, Luke Doucet, and a posthumous track recorded by Jeff Healey while on tour with Bachman in 2007. Experience the ‘Heavy Blues’ live and in person when the Bachman band brings the goods to your town… currently on tour!

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