Album Title: II: Void Worship
Record Label: Metal Blade
Review by Sal Serio
(1894) Page Views

Pilgrim - II: Void WorshipPilgrim - II: Void Worship

This is truly the Edgar Allan Poe of all metal music. With each sludgy, epic, power chord, timed like the last pulsating beats of the tell-tale heart, dread and anxious anticipation builds, like the metronome-timed pass of the pendulum blade. What Black Sabbath started with it’s self titled composition of hellfire and damnation, comes full-circle to a complete, sinister, black-massed coven of evil that goes by the name PILGRIM ‘II: Void Worship’.

I’m not kidding. If you were to look up “doom” in the dictionary, there should be a direct link to this album. Recorded as a duo (while between bass masters), the stringwork and high-priest proclamations of “The Wizard”, keep pace with the cacophonous undulating rhythms of “Krolg, Slayer Of Men”, to create the ultimate apocalyptic doom metal experience. Those who did not ascend, must follow the path of the Pilgrim!

Review warning: Do not consume this music if you are pregnant, prone to chronic depression, overly sensitive to not-so-pretty things, living in denial, looking at life through rose-colored glasses, a One Direction fan, or have allergies to leather, denim, hops, and barley malt. [Pilgrim plays Reggie’s in Chicago Sat. March 29, and the Cactus Club in Milwaukee Sun. March 30.]

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