Album Title: Imarhan
Record Label: City Slang
Review by John Noyd
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Imarhan - ImarhanImarhan - Imarhan

Grafting constant dodges and shifty pauses to nimble notes raining over beds of super-heated beats, North Africa’s sterling desert whirlwind Imarhan stretches edgy traditions into patient meditations and ecstatic raptures. Stark, thorny competitions melt into flickering, communal trance-jams as the inspired quintet keeps spirits active and feet second-guessing with arresting rhythms and enchanting incantations. Ranging from torrid to languid, their self-titled debut blooms in contagious guitar-tangled syncopations whose serpentine grooves circumvent language and defy logic; nomadic sadness acting as a leisurely transcendent catalyst. The international upstarts bring their restless brand of polyglot blues-rock to a ready America with a rare club tour that incredibly includes a stop in Madison’s The Frequency May 4th. Prepare for a bombastic night that includes Madison’s own Afrobeat sensation Immigré.

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