Johnny Mez and the Fatman

Album Title: Inner City Hero
Record Label: self-release
Review by John Noyd
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Johnny Mez and the Fatman - Inner City HeroJohnny Mez and the Fatman - Inner City Hero

An all-natural folk-jazz oasis from the Lower Eastside of New York City, “Hero,” cultivates an organically managed collaboration reaping sleepy rainbow-bop built around loose roots planted on urban streets and fed by exotic botanies. A global fusion of humanity in a unique coalition of talented musicians, Mez’s inquisitive vision balances energetic acoustic guitar with fluid tuba, laidback sax and unrushed percussion that brews elusive grooves washed in spacious pacing and luminous nuance. Recorded to two-inch eight-track analog tape the entire enterprise flies between idyllic mischief and stoic emotions as interpersonal journeys reach out seeking soul-blown conversations; coy, whimsical horns fluttering in dreamy swarms while bamboo flutes dodge palpitating Udu and accordion-driven rhythms tackle border-town tejano, lighting casual pathways into universal communities housing proud, mindful vibes.

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