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  • Skizzwhores

    Album Title: Insomnia Mania
    Record Label: Gears N Cogs Media
    Review by Laura Sorensen
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    Skizzwhores - Insomnia ManiaSkizzwhores - Insomnia Mania

    There are those bands that need more members to produce more sound. Then there are bands like Skizzwhores that need only three members to produce a lot of sound. Their second release and full length CD “Insomnia Mania” is rich with strong instrumentals generating from a single guitarist, bassist and drummer. Combined with the raw, straightforward vocals, using a unique blend of Grunge-Smear and Punk Rock, Skizzwhores produces a mix of music that ranges in style from old school B-52’s to rap style rock like Limp Bizkit, and various other artists such as Distillers, Sonic Youth and The Germs. With intriguing song titles like “Non Conforming Conformist Ate My Brain” and “Sex & Politics” one is drawn to find out more about the music this not so subtle three piece ensemble produces. Lyrics such as “Rise and rally in the streets,” “Same old shit,” and “Millions of hairs stand on end like standing at the edge of hell,” give one cause to believe this group is not only serious about their music but also about their message.  Each track is inevitably upbeat and inspiring.  The Madison based band Skizzwhores is quickly building a reputation, so while new shows may be in the works they will definitely be playing Pride Fest in Milwaukee, WI on June 10, 2016.

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