Drunk Drivers

Album Title: It’s Always Weekend
Record Label: Crustacean Records
Review by Sal Serio
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Drunk Drivers - It’s Always WeekendDrunk Drivers - It’s Always Weekend

An homage to the working man’s oasis. The days when a regular guy or gal can sleep in after staying out way too late the night before, achieving new heights of unabashed inebriation.  One would assume that a band named the Drunk Drivers would have the market on that concept, and this CD proves that notion unequivocally correct.

“It’s Always Weekend” marks the DDrivers first recorded output in seven years, and is their sixth overall release in the span of their legendary two decades as a two fisted drinking rock ‘n roll band. All the classic DD elements are present: the pulsating bass, chunky rhythm guitar riffs, sing-songy farfisa organ, and the “dare to take me seriously” dry but tuneful vocalizations of lead Drunk, Bernie Sensation.

To this end, this circular audio document is deemed a no-brainer to appeal to the stalwart DD fan. But, what would the uninitiated think? I believe the reaction would involve smiles, singing along, some amateur dance steps, a drink or two (or three), and just plain behaving like you don’t give a damn who’s watching. Except, leave the driving to the professionals. It’s always weekend!

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