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CD Review
The Adults - Karmic Relief


Karmic Relief
Record Label: The Adults
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Review by Sal Serio
January 2012

The Adults are the bar band you can’t ignore, not because of the deafening volume, but rather that the snarky wry humor and innuendo derail attempts at casual conversation. On the plus side, you could probably book them to play your ten year old daughter’s birthday party, and she would not cry.

For here lay some paradoxical yet pleasant musical ruminations. The fine guitar excursions by Pete Grennan and Jim Sheridan weave their way down Dickey Betts Boulevard and Jerry Garcia Lane, with a couple stops along Keith Richards Way. This be no retro mojo though, as there’s plenty for the Jeff Tweedy/Drive-By Truckers crowd too (along with their ten year old daughters).

A case could be made with the song “Slippin’”, with it’s laid back rhythms topped with a sort of Oye Como Va riffage and Mr. Sheridan’s Steve Wynn-ish nasal grin vocal. I propose the next Adults’ CD to be titled “Sinus Whimsy”! A different case (attaché?) could be made with “Would Be Good” where Grennan’s guitar took me straight to Shakedown Street where I Feel Like A Stranger at Terrapin Station.

Bringing closure to the proceedings is one of two intriguing instrumentals, the dreamy “Free Yourselves From This Madness” which is perhaps the main theme of these Connecticut prankster’s new album. Not taking things too seriously is a good thing, so The Adults find some time for the kids in us all.

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