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  • Nadine Shah

    Album Title: Kitchen Sink
    Record Label: BMG
    Review by John Noyd
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    Nadine Shah - Kitchen SinkNadine Shah - Kitchen Sink

    Coiled in bold, majestic strangleholds and restless feather-boa smolder, Shah’s writhing grace and sultry embrace go hard on glam-rock grinds and suave with tropical gloss-pop teases. Rich in catfish bewitchment channeling quicksand-trance ambushes, “Sink,” challenges and balances, bending sensibilities. Swift in execution, cool in elocution, basking in fleeting intrigue, each track casts shadow moments among savvy impacts; dissecting institutional thoughts with discerning social burns accompanied by voodoo grooves whose fussy, gutsy, frank and funky struts rumble in space-age role-playing engagements, ominous comedies performed by foxy cosmonauts. Coy, supple couplets subtly rupturing percussion-driven sizzle, Shah’s provocateur suffragettes sum up slinky thinking in regal seizures wrecking eclectic testaments with hip-swiveling hypnosis, dressing up purring put-downs in rhythmic whimsy, tickling stony ceremonies with flirty verses and steely theories.

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