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  • Great Lake Swimmers

    Album Title: Lost Channels
    Record Label: Nettwerk Records
    Review by Cactus Joe
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    Great Lake Swimmers - Lost ChannelsGreat Lake Swimmers - Lost Channels

    “Lost Channels” is the fourth album by Canadian indie folk rockers GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS, whose band name is based on Marilyn Bell, the first person to swim across Lake Ontario 55 years ago. The record was composed and recorded in the historic Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River between the United States and Canada.

    The folksy indie pop is cerebral and emotional, conveying plenty of night skies, howling winds, and raging rivers in almost every song. Lead singer Tony Dekker’s melancholy, quasi-Celtic lyrics are complimented by his penchant for recording in old churches, community halls, abandoned grain silos and other rural locations. The vocals are bathed in natural reverb and enriched by the historical contexts of many of the songs. 

    The song to sample is “Pulling on a Line.” The entire album is available for download in iTunes for just $4.

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