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  • Sonic Syndicate

    Album Title: Love and Other Disaster
    Record Label: Nuclear Blast America
    Review by Chris Fox
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    Sonic Syndicate - Love and Other DisasterSonic Syndicate - Love and Other Disaster

    Sonic diversity is the key phrase when describing SONIC SYNDICATE’s new album. There is a little bit for every fashion of metal fan out there. This album is a ballad, a dark mellow piece, a heavy thrash song, an epic power metal shredder, and everything in between.  It is truly entertaining and refreshing to hear a band deliver such an array of style in their music. Perhaps it is because they are still searching for a “sound” or perhaps diversity IS their sound, either way this entire album will catch your attention. Each song sounds like an entirely new approach and it is quite revitalizing to hear so many tiny pieces come together in something so heavy. The only repetitive bit of this album is how hard it hits you in the chest. Whether you like grindcore, metalscreamo, thrash, death or any other ridiculous mixture of stupid metal genres labels, this album delivers.

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