Album Title: Love Letters
Record Label: Elektra
Review by John Noyd
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Metronomy - Love LettersMetronomy - Love Letters

Pitting minimalist Krautrock against ironically simplistic Britpop, “Love Letters,” authors impeccable directives scripted in sophisticated albeit repetitive melodies whose careful placement of bittersweet minor-keys offer a subdued, bemused pop stripped down and scaled back to its most eloquent essence. A tasty pastry filled with sparkling parts, soulful asides and quaint restraint, the wickedly slippery quartet’s latest also hides a snide detachment and romantic cynicism inside its subtle puzzles; occasionally circling paler versions of the yacht-rock and faux-disco from previous efforts. Whether boppy or bashful, songwriter Joseph Mount forgoes flashy distractions this time around for swift deliverance wrapped in paper-thin whimsy revealing universal truths cleverly told; if not a bit tarnished and weary. In a rare trip stateside, the quick-witted Metronomy play Chicago’s Metro May 21st.

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