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  • The Dears

    Album Title: Lovers Rock
    Record Label: Dangerbird Records
    Review by John Noyd
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    The Dears - Lovers RockThe Dears - Lovers Rock

    Built on the sublime force of a solid pop chorus, “Lovers Rock,” wrestles expressive devils, doctoring desperate reflections and deploying royal contortions, cobra focus and cultivated cunning. Fearlessly conjuring outlier’s choirs,  the Canadian’s eighth studio album’s profound art-lounge, fiery diary pile-drivers and swarthy warrior power-chords support told-you-so emotions and succinct living-on-the-brink thinking. Apocalyptic philosophy greased in sonic feasts and harmonic treats, The Dears redefine refined survival through caustic yacht-rock dodging sugar-coated explosions among glamorous land-slides. Lost innocence rinsed in somber promises and reasonable pleads beseeching valiant gallantry, soothing chivalry and fashionable castle-burning; the band’s timely diatribes simmer wound-licking symphonies in suave barbs, inhaling an air of nonchalant taunting beneath seething beliefs and cinematic conceits leaping and creeping between scorched metaphors, startled karma and noble commotion.

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