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  • Torn Between

    Album Title: Maintain Low Tones
    Record Label: Mirage M'Hal Records
    Review by Tommy Rage
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    Torn Between - Maintain Low TonesTorn Between - Maintain Low Tones

    Debut albums can be difficult.  Especially if you are just long-time friends, musicians and Janesville residents. However, a polished first release can also lead you to open for national recording artist Shaman’s Harvest in front of 600 at the Majestic Theater on August 20th (http://majesticmadison.com/event/shamansharvest/).
    That polished sound, mixed with a noticeable effort to take the current rock movement one step further, has led me to ask the question: “What took you guys so long?”  Formed in 2015, and previously playing in local Janesville bands such as Rev-21 and Modifier, the band members have enjoyed some local success but decided to join together to put out a brilliant first release. “Honestly, it came down to us missing playing together. We wanted to be in a good rock band with our friends”, shares lead vocalist Roland Bell.
    The 5 track EP Maintain Low Tones (via Spotify ) bridges the gap between rebel metal and 90’s rock. The first track “For Your Treason”, starts with a steady and familiar rock beat. Torn Between then takes rock where it’s headed next. With strong underlying guitar work by Mike LeBay and vocals by Roland Bell, they unleash their angst with a modern and bold driving force.  “Cut The Cord” pushes Brad Ploof (drums) and Andy Glass (bass) to the front, as they pave the way for what your teenage self would listen to if rebellion-rock was invented today.  “Time Cut Short” tells a tragic tale using a sweet blend of upscale production and genuine story telling. This tune combines the best from all four band members and begs for radio play. 
    For years bands have been trying to assemble hardcore metal with an up-beat ‘fun’ rock tempo. Torn Between does exactly that, while still giving metal a very modern feel. This small-town group will definitely make an impact in southern Wisconsin and perhaps even further as they continue to push current rock forward.
    Check out Torn Between when they open for Shaman’s Harvest at the Majestic Theater on August 20th, and check out their website for future up-coming shows.

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