Speedy Ortiz

Album Title: Major Arcana
Record Label: Carpark Records
Review by John Noyd
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Speedy Ortiz - Major ArcanaSpeedy Ortiz - Major Arcana

Charming carnal marvels twisted into guyville-styled spitfire guile, guitar-powered indie-rockers Speedy Ortiz pit slowly growing dynamos against prickly riffs whose throbbing combination of short-fused barracuda grooves, fast-pitched conniptions and faltering stock-car waltzes hurtle topsy-turvy curve-ball logic down crooked nooks of jagged attacks reveling in savage see-saw fragments. Spring-loaded front-woman Sadie Dupuis balances tough and tender challenges in staggering pageantry wrapped in savvy re-imagining. Sparking land-shark smarts prowling corrugated mazes, “Major Arcana,” hosts potent broken cobras slithering in blistering gifts for roaring disjointed portraits which stand among the cunning rubble of prime nineties icons like Pavement, Liz Phair and Helium. Opening for The Breeders’ Last Splash 25th anniversary tour, Sadie and company hit Madison’s High Noon Saloon December 13th in a double-fisted twist of torch-passing passion.

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