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  • Pale Figures

    Album Title: Memphis and Chicago
    Record Label: Peacefist Records
    Review by Jeff Muendel
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    The Pale Figures - Memphis and ChicagoThe Pale Figures - Memphis and Chicago

    The Pale Figures are a rock band featuring the song writing of Chicago-based musician Aaron Lindstrom , formerly of Madison band Cup O’ Joe, and New York-based singer/songwriter Cory Larson. Over a period of two years, Larson and Lindstrom traded music through the mail, writing music with the style and sound of Memphis music in mind. Eventually, given the historical rivalry between Chicago’s Chess Records and Memphis’s Sun Studio, The Pale Figures thought it would be interesting to contrast the Memphis sound with the Chicago sound. The result is a CD with two themes (or two sides if you’d like to revert back to the days of vinyl records) that is full of melodic, interesting songs. At times, the album is mellow even easy listening while at other times it’s quite heavy with overdriven guitars.  Yet, the album is well-balanced throughout and the metamorphosis from light to heavy is smooth. As the group is now based in Chicago, look for them to play near you throughout the Midwest.

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