People Brothers Band

Album Title: Middle Of The In Between
Record Label: The People Brothers Band, LLC
Review by Sal Serio
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The People Brothers Band - Middle Of The In BetweenThe People Brothers Band - Middle Of The In Between

What’s good? What’s not wrong? This new People Brothers Band CD, for one thing. When life’s wicked curve balls get you frazzled to the end of your wits, here’s your tonic. The feel-good, put a skip-in-your-step, happy groove in your shoes cure for all that ails ya. Stay away from the edge and move back toward the middle of the in between.

Seriously, I think I love this CD. Besides the thoroughly uplifting emotions it coaxes, it’s just a really well put together musical project. It’s a “total product” instead of just a few standout tracks surrounded by filler, and is obviously the result of a band that has paid it’s dues and honed it’s craft before rushing out it’s initial studio offering. The pristine recording and mix by Landon Arkens of Madison’s Blast House Studios complements these 15 songs well.

Included are many varied styles, from New Orleans style funk/soul/blues (“Lay Me Down”), shades of early rock & roll (“Letters”), upbeat modern rock with jazz/blues overtones (“Ride”), and a Cab Calloway call-and-response shout-out incorporated into the Louis Armstrong classic “St. James Infirmary”. “Bitter Rain” and “Excalibur” are tastefully augmented by Kenny Leiser’s violin. I can’t recommend this music enough, people! People Brothers, that is.

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