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CD Review
Eye Empire - Moment of Impact

Eye Empire

Moment of Impact
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Review by Aaron Manogue
February 2011

Every once in a while there comes an album, a band, a sound, that makes you take a moment to thank your respective higher power for bringing your ears such enjoyment. Well ladies and gentlemen, grab your bibles, your sacred scripts, call your priests, rabbis, or just call a friend; it’s time to give thanks for what Eye Empire has graced our rock ‘n’ roll eardrums with, in their new album, Moment of Impact.

The first track “I Pray” showcases everything the band has to offer. Donald Carpenter (Submersed) has a powerfully impressive vocal range that is clearly evident throughout the track. Carpenter’s vocal range is accompanied perfectly by B.C. Kochmit’s heavy riffs and Corey Lowery’s (both formerly of Dark New Day) whole-hearted bass. This track exclaims that Eye Empire is here, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Next comes one of the many highlights on the album, “Bull in a China Shop.” The song is extremely heavy, catchy, and kicks your ass, but most of all it’s good, hard metal. The song starts out with a recording of actor Mel Gibson’s character Riggs from Lethal Weapon screaming, “Well, what do you wanna hear man? Do you wanna hear that sometimes I think about eatin’ a bullet? Huh? Well I do!” Then Carpenter’s “hellish” metal scream begs you to get up and move, destroying everything in your path. Could a metal song have a more of a badass intro? The guitar solo in the song is extremely unique and gives us all just a taste of Kochmit’s immense talent.

“Victim” features guest vocals by Sevendust lead man Lajon Witherspoon, who is joined by fellow Sevendust member Morgan Rose.  Rose also recorded the drums on the album. This fact is one more tidbit that makes any metal fan smile.

The biggest thing that sticks out to me about Eye Empire is their extremely diverse ability to go from pure, unfiltered metal to slower songs such as “Reason,” “Feels Like I’m Falling,” and “Last One Home.” They go from kicking your ass to a bloody pulp in the mosh-pit, straight to stealing your girlfriend with a sound that you wouldn’t think could come from the same band. Their ability is evident and their potential is immeasurable. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Eye Empire.

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